Autonomous detection of objects on the surface of the ocean – including people in the water.
Autonomous classification of objects of interest.
Persistent Tracking over time of each target found.
Cross Cue
Location information provided to connected systems for mapping or cross cue of aircrafts inspection sensor.

Core Capabilities:

  • No modification to exterior
    helicopter shape required
  • Day/Night operations
  • 45 x faster search
  • Autonomously finds SAR objects
  • Finds non-reflective, non-transmitting objects

Finding small objects at sea remains a challenge for maritime search helicopter.

Radar is traditionally size, weight and power dependant. The smaller the object of interest, the larger the radar required to find it. The size and cost is often prohibitive.

Even in challenging sea states the search for small objects is still conducted visually. If you are lost at sea at night, your chance of being found drops significantly due to the reliance on narrow eld of view (soda-straw) Infra-red sensors.

The IAS airborne Day/Night Optical Radar provides a transformative capability for small object search from helicopters.

Easily installed, and a fraction of the size weight and power of a traditional radar, the IAS Optical Radar uses a specially configured array of day and night optical sensors that continuously observe the ocean either side of the helicopter.

Everything on the ocean’s surface is autonomously presenting aircraft operators with a description of what each object found is, as well as its visual track as it migrates through the scene, along with its location coordinates and bearing from the Helicopter.

Detection to identification is completed in seconds.

HeliSAR comes with all components pre-integrated as a drop-in replacement for the lower cockpit windows.

HeliSAR’s small form factor and innovative design ensures that any visual obstruction is minimal and unobtrusive.

Image module

UAE National Search and Rescue Centre selects IAS to deploy world’s first fully functional Day/Night Optical Radar


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